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Gab and Evonna have announced they will run in the 2012 Great Race from Traverse City, Michigan to Dearborn, Michigan!  The Great Race, which fell into bankruptcy following the 2007 race, returned last    year      and was a big enough success that the Joiners decided to return for their 20th year of Great Racing!  They    will be bringing their 1932 Hupmobile, a two time Great Race veteran, out of retirement and Gab has the car out and getting it more Great Race ready every day!

Update: Gab and Evonna had a great time in Michigan.  The car ran wonderfully and it was great seeing familiar faces from the past.  They did not get to finish due to some health issues but are both doing    wonderful now and plan to return next year and finish the race!

Link to the Great Race website: http://www.greatrace.com/ where you can keep up with all the latest Great Race news as well as see how they Joiners are doing in the race!



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