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 -TWELVE CLASSIC AUTOMOBILES that have competed in the GREAT AMERICAN RACE, including the 1995 winner, a 1917 Marmom

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Books For Sale!

We have a wide variety of books in our book store call to see if we have the book you are looking for!

Blown Flathead by: Joe Abbin

Build a Supercharged Flathead for the Street!


You CANNOT beat our price on this book!  Amzon sells used for this price!  Brand new book!

But you need to hurry we only have 2 left!

Camaro 1967-2000 a Photo Archive

By: Peter Sessler


You Are What You Drive "what your car says about you"

By: Jay Lamm


Proving Ground: A history of Dodge, Chrysler, and Plymouth Racing

By: Jim Schild


We have some great package deals on die cast plus a tin sign!

Tin signs are $12.00 each by themselves but are being offered for $5.00 off with our package deal that comes with purchase of the die cast!

Coca Cola Package Deal #1!

One:  1949 White Delivery Truck Coca Cola Edition $40.75

One: Coca Cola "Its the Real Thing" Tin Sign $7.00

Total: $47.75

Coca Cola Package Deal #2!

One: 1931 Hawkeye Beverage Truck Bank Coca Cola Edition $35.75

One: Coca Cola "Delicious and Refrshing" Tin Sign $7.00

Total: $42.75

Shell Package Deal!

One: 1930 Shell Bellanca "Sky Rocket" #2  $15.50

One: Shell Premium Gasoline Tin Sign $7.00

Total: $22.50

1932-2007 75th Anniversary Package!!

This is a special package commemorating the 75th anniversary of the 1932 Ford!

One: 1932 Ford 3 Window Coupe $41.50

One: 1932-2007 75th Anniversary Tin Sign $7.00

Total: $48.50

America's Number 1 Truck Since 1917 Package!

One: 1956 Ford F-100 Napa Parts Truck $38.50

One: America's #1 Truck Tin Sign $7.00

Total: $45.50

Boss 429 Package!

One: 1970 Mustang Boss 429 $50.95

One: "Meet the New BOSS 429" Tin Sign $7.00

Total: $57.95

This Mustang package is perhaps the neatest package we have!  The tin sign matches the car in almost every detail!

Pontiac GTO Package!

One: 1966 Pontiac GTO Drag Car $50.95

One: "The New GTO" Tin Sign $7.00

Total: $57.95

HEMICuda Package!

One: 1970 Plymouth Hemicuda $50.95

One: Plymouth Cuda Tin Sign $7.00

Total: $57.95

Woody Package!

One: 1949 Ford Woody Station Wagon $40.75

One: "Get your woody serviced here" Tin Sign $7.00

Total: $47.75

Buick Package!

One: 1938 Buick Century $61.50

One: Buick "Sales and Service" Tin Sign $7.00

Total: $68.50

Chevrolet Parts Package!

One: 1935 Chevrolet Panel Truck $76.50

One: Chevrolet Parts Tin Sign $7.00

Total: $83.50

Mobil Gas Package!

One: Mobil Oil B-61 Mack Tanker $40.80

One: Mobilgas Tin Sign $7.00

Total: $47.80

Lionel Train Package!

One: Lionel 1951 Ford DGV $107.00

One: Lionel Train Tin Sign $7.00

Total: $114.00


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