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 -TWELVE CLASSIC AUTOMOBILES that have competed in the GREAT AMERICAN RACE, including the 1995 winner, a 1917 Marmom

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We have over half of the collection of more than 60 cars that are for sale! 

Here are some of them!

1929 Packard 633 Convertible Coupe 

Older restoration has rumble seat is a very good driver.  The model 633 is seven inches longer   than the other seven body styles offered by Packard in 1929. 

1938 Buick Century Model 60C "Phaeton"

 Only 208 produced in 1938 the Century has the largest motor that Buick made for 1938.

1947 Lincoln Continental

This is the last "True Classic" car.  Most all true classics were from the early 1930's.  Raymond Dietrich, a world famous car designer, said this was one of his favorite cars.  The museum of modern art selected the contintental as one of eight automotive works of art.  This car has a V-12 L Head 305 Cubic Inch engine which produces 130 horsepower, it also has an overdrive for additional power.  This car was noted for being able to go 100MPH!

1927 Marmon 2 Door 

Do not let the interior fool you it is mohair not velvet.  This was Marmons last year with the big six cylinder engine.  This is a very rare body style!

1926 Rickenbacker 4 Door

Original New Mexico car.  Very rare car               that was manufactured in Detroit, Michigan         by famous World War I ace Eddie      Rickenbacker!  First car ever put on the        market with four wheel brakes.

1915 Dodge Touring

This car has the electric starter as opposed to the manual crank start.  Dodge Brothers began manufacturing cars in Detroit, Michigan in 1915.



1936 Ford Phaeton Flathead V-8 Power

This is one of the rarest Fords ever produced with 5,555.  This car has the eighty five horsepower flathead V-8 engine.  The Phaeton was a popular body style for those who still liked the wind in their face.

1960 Studebaker Lark VIII Convertible 

Nice little car manufactured in Southbend, Indiana.  This car has the famous Hawk 259 V-8. Studebaker only produced 5,464 Larks.


1929 Buick 4 Door

Owned by a doctor in Albuquerque, New Mexico for years. Nice driving car that is all original but could be a easy restoration project! 




1930 Packard Model 733 Convertible Coupe

This car has "0" miles on it since it's restoration!  This is one of the first convertibles ever produced, the biggest difference in convertibles and roadsters is that convertibles have windows.

1931 Devaux Model 75 Four Door Sedan

How many of these have you seen?  This is a older restoration but is a very rare car.  Devaux only lasted for two years from 1931-1932 and only produced 4800 cars in those two years.  Devaux came about during the Great Depression, which was not a good time to start a car company!

1931 REO Royale 4 Door

This was a high dollar car for it's time but was a good car for the price.  Reo was in financial troube in 1931 and there was money in the big car market.  This was the first car we did in our restoration shop!


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