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 -TWELVE CLASSIC AUTOMOBILES that have competed in the GREAT AMERICAN RACE, including the 1995 winner, a 1917 Marmom

-2,000 SQ. FT. GIFT SHOP with hundreds of automotive books, automotive memorabilia, and die cast toys! 


Check this video out! Our museum was a huge part of the incredible story of this cars history. Our very own Carl Andresen, who has worked for our museum for years drove this car in his youth. Completely restored here at the J&R Musuem.

The Joiners and the Roys once again participated in the Sugar Valley Rally (info about this event can be found on the website that is listed below) and the two families did very well.  Bobby and Melvonna won their division while Shane and Devonna finished as the runner ups to them.  Gab and Evonna finished third in their division.  It is always a great time for the family to get together and do something that they all love, playing with the old cars.




Bobby and Melvonna pose with their FIRST place trophy in front of their 1935 Ford.

Shane and Devonna pose with their SECOND place trophy in front of their 1931 Ford Pickup.


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